Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain

What is it?

These aches originate in the muscles and are often related to tension, overuse, or injury from exercise or physically demanding work.


Muscle pain is usually due to an activity or an effort that is too intense. It may occur when a muscle hasn’t been warmed up properly before a physical activity. It can also be triggered by repetitive movements, a trauma, poor hydration or a deficient diet.

However, not all muscle aches are related to physical efforts. Certain viruses, medications and arthritic diseases can cause muscle pain as well.


  • Pain or tenderness in one or more muscles;
  • Burning sensation;
  • Muscle twinge;
  • Unpleasant feeling of pressure (trigger point);
  • Muscle stiffness (loss of mobility and flexibility);
  • Swelling after an injury.


  • Good posture;
  • Good diet;
  • Proper hydration;
  • Avoiding repetitive movements;
  • Stretching after a physical activity;
  • Warming up prior to exercise (Arthri-Muscle is very effective);
  • Massage therapy;
  • Taking supplements in case of deficiency (talk to your physician).


  • Consulting a practitioner who specializes in the treatment of muscle aches as soon as symptoms appear;
  • Thermotherapy (as recommended by your practitioner);
  • Anti-inflammatory (prescribed by a doctor);
  • Over-the-counter natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory (Arthri-Muscle).