The power of nature

Our product is composed of natural ingredients derived from plants and sea salt.

The active ingredients are menthol, camphor, eucalyptus and clove essential oils and methyl salicylate. 


Menthol helps to prevent and treat many diseases (e.g.: arthritis). Its undisputed anti-inflammatory properties can contribute to the treatment of sprains and muscle injuries. The best-known characteristic of menthol is its cooling effect, which helps to relieve muscle spasms.


Camphor has been endowed with several properties that make it a very popular remedy for various ailments. It is a stimulant, a painkiller, a powerful antiseptic and an excellent anti-inflammatory that heals tissue damage and bruises. In addition, it is an analgesic and it relieves rheumatic pain.


The benefits of eucalyptus are well known and they are multiple.

Eucalyptus has, among other things, anti-inflammatoryantispasmodicantiseptic and stimulating properties.

It has long been a home remedy for the treatment of muscle pain. Another important fact to know about eucalyptus is that it has an antioxidant effect.


Clove is known for its many benefits. It’s an effective anti-inflammatory that soothes muscular pain.

Its antiseptic and local anesthetic properties are recognized and appreciated for their effectiveness.


When applied on the affected area, the compound methyl salicylate triggers a feeling of numbness. It also promotes blood circulation and relieves pain, providing a warm sensation to your body. Its relaxing effect can be effective against muscle spasms and cramps.

Thanks to its diuretic property, methyl salicylate plays a role in the elimination of toxins, which contributes to the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.


It has been shown that magnesium chloride intake has a positive effect on various types of pain without organic or functional explanation such as headaches and muscle, spine, and joint pain.